THUNDER TREND previously known as TRON THUNDER is comprised of Education specialists, fintech professionals, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The THUNDER TREND team was brought together by a shared interest to provide quality products and services to the community & a safe and secure cryptocurrency-earning environment.

THUNDER TREND is a state-of-the-art new entrepreneurial platform leveraging the roaring TRON blockchain technology that will enable the well-said but not implemented “Value for Money” paradigm.

We were encouraged to seek beyond the ongoing profit-making madness and wanted to make an impact in society by providing products and services that are based on a fair pay-per-view/participate concept without inhibiting the churn-out gains mindset.

Because of our confidence in our true potential for professionalism and subject experts, THUNDER TREND was born as a result of our combined efforts.

THUNDER TREND was created to solve all of the loopholes that users may encounter in existing solutions. THUNDER TREND strives to answer all of its member’s questions that are personally answered by the Founder & Creator Mr JP Rademeyer during regular Zoom meetings & interviews.

The previous name TRON THUNDER was changed due to TRON SCAN not allowing a token with the name TRON in it.

Users interested to become a THUNDER TREND member will use the exclusive Utility token of S.U.N. called T.T.T. to pay for membership. Membership with T.T.T. gives access to the various products and services of the S.U.N. Ecosystem.

Within the THUNDER TREND Platform, each member is now collecting Net-worth Points (NWT) based on the value of their contribution and re-contribution.

These Net-worth Points will be able to be exchanged into various Crypto Airdrop Tokens that will be listed on the Thunder DEX.

THUNDER TREND members receive rewards in T.T.T. or various points for their participation by becoming affiliate marketers if they desire and introduce people to the various products and services of S.U.N.

Users are wholeheartedly invited to join the THUNDER TREND community to get one step closer to becoming an affiliate. The cherry on top for the community members is they will get access to products, services, and rewards that is exclusively developed for S.U.N.

In order to become an affiliate, S.U.N. Members have to accept the terms and conditions of affiliation. By introducing potential prospects who are interested to purchase or participate in the product and services of S.U.N. qualified affiliates can receive affiliate commissions.

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