NFT Games

The S.U.N. Metaverse will start by creating fun interactive 2D & 3D MMO/Single Player games.

The community members of S.U.N. will be able to swap T.T.T. for Thunder Game Points (TGP) that will be used to interact with the various future games, addons & NFT's that will be developed by S.U.N.

Community members of S.U.N. will also be able to swap TGP for Net-worth Points to exchange on the THUNDER DEX for other Cryptocurrency pairs.

Community members of S.U.N. will be able to purchase virtual NFT Game Items in Our Custom made NFT Marketplace, for example, Game Boards, Game dice, Game Weapons, Game Tool, Custom Game Avatars, Avatar Clothing & Accessories, and many more.

S.U.N. Community members will be able to rent out their purchased NFTs to other players who do not have access to the advanced NFT items.

The Renters of the NFT will earn a portion of the rewards the rentee has received without having to play the games themselves.

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