The Problem

There are more than 2 billion individuals worldwide who do not have basic access to higher education. To this part of the world's population, globalization, education inclination, and decentralization have no meaning. They lack educational reach, leading them to rely on insufficient local sources for their academic requirements.

It's worth noting that informational inclusion is one of the essential aspects of eradicating poverty. Private tutors and underqualified educational institutions are increasingly being held accountable for not providing sufficient access to informational services. Traditional schooling, on the other hand, lacks the flexibility and resources to serve this segment of the population.

To date, there are still millions of people worldwide that are not aware that they don't have to follow traditional methods to provide for their financial needs.

Most of the educational platforms out there are only for the show and will result in absolute manipulation of your money as many times they will just provide you with the material already on the internet and other times they will paraphrase the whole segments, even if the material does not make any sense, just to get you off their backs.

The Lightning Academy, by implementing decentral technology, is transparent to the core and will allow users to see who will be teaching them. The Lightning Academy has the privilege of having fresh educational material, especially for platform users.

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