Point System Of S.U.N. Products & Services

Every current and future product & service of S.U.N. will use some form of a point system.

Thunder Trend uses - BV ( Business Volume Points ) Lightning Academy will use - EduPoints ThunderDEX will use - Networth Points S.U.N. Metaverse will use - ThunderVerse Points AdWorld will use - AdPoints Green Development Projects will use - EcoPoints

Each Point will be equal & convertible to 1 x T.T.T. (This is subject to change).

The reason why S.U.N. products and services are using points and not T.T.T. directly for transactions is to have instant transaction speed & save on transaction fees.

T.T.T. is a TRC20 token and on average it costs 6TRX per transaction from one user's wallet to another user's wallet.

With an average of 100 000 transactions per day done in the S.U.N. Ecosystem, it would cost S.U.N. or the community of S.U.N. an average of 60 000 TRX ( +- $36 000 ) per day in transaction fees.

By using the Points System the only transaction fees that S.U.N. or the community of S.U.N. has to pay is for the T.T.T withdrawals done per day which is on current average +- 1000.

This would still cost S.U.N. or the community of S.U.N. +- 6 000 TRX ( +- $360 ) per day in transaction fees.

To reduce the Transaction Fees S.U.N. will be staking +- 2 000 000 TRX for Energy = 56 000 000 Energy + 1 000 000 TRX for Bandwidth = 1 000 000 Bandwidth.

Tron uses an innovative consensus mechanism called delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) to validate transactions. Delegated proof-of-stake uses either Staked TRX that generated Energy & Bandwidth or TRX in a wallet to validate & confirm the transaction.

On each transfer of a TRC20 Blockchain token from one wallet to another +- 26 000 Energy & 300 Bandwidth is consumed or +- 6 TRX.

Energy and Bandwidth consumed are replenished within a 72hr period. Users then have a choice to un-stake the TRX or leave it to be staked for another 72hrs (minimum) to keep on generating Energy & Bandwidth to be used for confirmations on the TRC20 Blockchain.

Delegated proof-of-stake is an evolution of the proof-of-stake model, which, according to Tron, is safer, more efficient and more democratic than conventional proof-of-stake mechanisms.

Please note that there is a possibility that the names of the point systems can change in the future.

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