Introducing LUDO QUEST

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of Cryptudo was developed by South Coast Web in 2018 for Android and iOS.

Unfortunately due to Cryptudo using an external payment token G4B that is not connected to the Play or iOS stores, Cryptudo did not comply to the rules of Play & iOS stores and was not approved and published to the stores.

In 2021 the decision was made by the founder and creator Mr JP Rademeyer to revive Cryptudo and redevelop the entire game into a Metaverse NFT game that will be exclusively available to members of S.U.N.

The game will consist of two Phases that will be developed by June 2023.

Members of S.U.N. will play with different game boards in each Phase.

1st PHASE - Cryptudo

Cryptudo is a custom-made multiplayer board Game that uses its own uniquely developed game board and is a combination of Pachisi better known as Ludo & Snakes and ladders with some Portal game elements added into the mix of it to make it more exciting and FUN.

There will be very unique NFT items for sale that will give players the edge above their competition.


The 2nd Phase will be a full Single player Campaign game called Ludo Quest.

Ludo Quest will take players on an historical journey where players will have an educational and interactive experience learning about the origins of the original Ludo game called Pachisi which was patented in 1891 by Alfred Collier as Royal Ludo.

There will be very unique NFT items for sale that will give players the edge in the Campaign game.

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