Thunder DEX Token Listings

Token Creators that want to list their current or upcoming tokens on the THUNDER DEX will have to follow the following listing requirement according to the number of tokens they wish to list.

  • They have been a member of S.U.N.

  • They will have to possess the required amount of T.T.T. according to listing requirements to pay for the listing fee.

  • They will also be required to provide a specified amount of their Tokens as a Free Airdrop that will be made available for S.U.N. Community Members.

  • S.U.N. Community Members that have Networth they collected via rewards or purchased will be able to convert it to the Airdrop tokens provided by Token Lister.

  • This will potentially introduce the Listed token to over 100 000 S.U.N. Community Members.

To date of writing this White Paper, there are over 140 000 active S.U.N. Community Members.

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