Social Media Guidelines

These Social Media Guidelines are an integral part of this Service Agreement, and Members understand that any breach of these Social Media Guidelines is considered a breach of this Service Agreement and can result in disciplinary action or even termination.

We at Smart United Network (S.U.N.) are committed to ensuring our community builders are successful and providing the resources they need. When joining as a S.U.N. affiliate (community builder), it is imperative to ensure that everything you are saying on social media is accurate and properly represents the Smart United Network (S.U.N.) & the products and services of S.U.N.

To that effect, we have created these simple guidelines for everyone to help you and every member to grow the community effectively and in a compliant manner.


Share your affiliate link or company-provided website with your social media contacts in private messages ONLY;

Refer to our official channels for message guidance; Invite your social media contacts privately to our approved Corporate Presentations; Answer legitimate questions (provided you know the answer) using the correct terminology for the S.U.N. membership;

Utilize your referrer or an Expert or above rank in your line of referral in S.U.N. to answer questions.

Refer to official guidance if you are in any way unsure;

Direct people to official S.U.N. channels, presentations, and FAQs if required.

Study the Vendor’s official presentations and use official materials and the precise language approved by the Vendor to describe the Vendor and the associated companies of the Group


Make any public presentations without first being approved by the Office of Compliance of the Vendor, and only by using Vendor’s pre-approved Standard Presentation materials.

Impersonate the Smart United Network (S.U.N.) & the products and services of S.U.N. trademark, name, logo, or other official representations;

Share unofficial marketing materials or posts on social media outside of the official Facebook and Telegram Groups (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

Use the Vendor’s brand or logo in profile imagery (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

Use the Vendor’s brand, name, or logo on personal social media accounts, personal web domains, OR hosted group chats (without explicit written permission from Vendor);

Post or make income claims of any kind;

Allow abusive or defamatory comments on your posts;

Post misleading or inaccurate information;

Post defamatory comments about Smart United Network (S.U.N.) & the products and services of S.U.N. or Vendor’s Community members;

Promote products from a rival organization to known affiliate partners;

Please take action as soon as possible if necessary.

The publication of this Agreement constitutes a fair warning to all S.U.N. Community Builders who are in current violation of these guidelines. Members must take immediate action to rectify any shortcomings or violations.

Anyone found in violation of these rules relating to Social Media by our Compliance team or other affiliates may be subject to a warning and subsequent termination or blacklist upon repeat violations.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do, it’s time to get out there and use social media cleanly and effectively to help us build the world’s strongest blockchain community.

All of the above Service Agreements, Code of Conduct, and Social Media Guidelines comprise the Agreement, effective as stated.

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