What Is The SUN Ecosystem

The Smart United Network (S.U.N.) is a new distributed ledger technology development company registered in South Africa by its founder Mr Jean-Pierre Rademeyer.

S.U.N. is focused on developing products and services that are trustworthy and uses its utility TRON Blockchain Token T.T.T. as the main payment method.

Every current and future product created within the S.U.N. Ecosystem will theoretically increase the value of T.T.T. due to supply and demand.

We anticipate that T.T.T. will be listed on Sunswap before 1 Nov 2022.

T.T.T. is a TRC20 token smart contract that is based on the TRON protocol, which is a smart contract platform that enables developers to create decentralized applications (dApps).

S.U.N. is on a mission to provide a revolutionary blockchain experience that enables its members to safely learn about the value of techno education, cryptocurrency trading, metaverse games, NFTs, Advertising and Sustainable Development programs.

Each member of S.U.N. will also have the opportunity to earn rewards in T.T.T. by participating in the various products and services that are using its sustainable development model to provide a safe, trusted & clean environment for every member of S.U.N.

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