THUNDER TREND formally known as TRON THUNDER is not a new service of S.U.N. & was started in August 2021 by the Founder & Creator Mr. Jean Pierre Rademeyer from South Africa.

His team created TRON THUNDER with the sole purpose to bring the community together & to defeat poverty worldwide with it.

By February 2022 TRON THUNDER achieved its first Milestone target of 100 000 active members.

Mr. JP Rademeyer has over 23 years of experience and has attained vast knowledge in PC Support, Website, Game Architecture, Cryptocurrency & Crypto Platform Development.

Since 2017 he and his team of leaders have been active Crypto network marketers & leaders for various known platforms worldwide.

His Company South Coast Web in South Africa has evolved from just 3 people into a team of over 50 Freelance Designers & Developers from all over the world ranging from Programmers to Graphics Designers.

South Coast Web specializes in developing custom-made, Crypto Network Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing Platforms.

Their latest project is of course TRON THUNDER & since May 2022 they have been redeveloping TRON THUNDER into the upgraded version called THUNDER TREND.

TRON THUNDER started with only a few top Multi Level Marketing leaders in India who were also involved in past Cryptocurrency related businesses and were tired of all the scams they have been involved in the past.

This has been the main driving force that has grown TRON THUNDER to over 140 000 active members in 12 months.

THUNDER TREND's 1st Milestone Target is to achieve 500 000 active members by February 2023

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