The Lightning Academy

The Lightning Academy solves one knot at a time. Helping people with no access to educational services to become Entrepreneurs & become financially stable and independent.

Brilliant minds still need to be trained to some extent before unlocking their true potential. Lacking in that final push keeps numerous keen people from achieving what they deserve. The need of having platforms that shape young and deserving minds into what they can be is a real necessity. The Lightning Academy has set in its own ways to nip this problem in the bud and contribute to society.

The Lightning Academy, being an educational product is an entrepreneurial platform itself. The main goal of our platform is to bring out the best in you by providing the latest and most innovative education, catapulting you to new heights.

We see the Lightning Academy as a platform for our target consumers who want a straightforward go-to study platform without being harassed by mind-numbingly long advertisements, circumventing material, useless subscriptions, and fragmented courses. We are also interested in utilizing it in our daily lives as early adopters of the entrepreneurial platform.

The S.U.N. community members can present their expertise on any technical subject freely in the form of Video and PDF document format with exclusive rights given to the Lightning Academy platform. We will be discussing these rights further in this document.

The Lightning Academy, on the other hand, will be created to challenge scholastic organizations’ lack of technical educational services. Professional self-sustaining educating material approved by S.U.N. & members will play a critical role.

The Lightning Academy will soon be replacing the void left by General Education institutions, thanks to professionals and community members providing the time to elevate literacy.

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