As the S.U.N. community enlarges and crosses a certain checkpoint, T.T.T. can be used to generate revenue from advertisements in its future Advertising Platform called AdWorld.

AdWorld is scheduled to be developed by December 2023

Public and Community members can utilize targeted community members to market their new products, but the only catch is that TRON THUNDER has sworn to keep the platform and community 100% safe and child friendly.

S.U.N. will never permit anything which offends the community or is not for everyone. S.U.N. will verify each advert placed before it's published. Marketing related to any topic which is not approved by everyone, even for a child, will not be advertised, at any cost.


The advertisers can be members of the S.U.N. Ecosystem or the public. The public does not have to be a member of the S.U.N. Ecosystem to place an advert.

Advertisers will pay for placing ads on AdWorld either to the entire community or selected countries or demographics.

To pay for the placement of the adverts the advertisers will use AdPoints purchased with T.T.T. or swapped from other points connected to S.U.N. products and services.


The viewers will receive rewards in AdPoints for viewing and interacting with the adverts. These rewards will be based on what the advertiser paid for the advert to be advertised.

Reward AdPoints will be distributed in the following structure.

  • 10% will go to the advertiser for using AdWorld as the platform to advertise their business.

  • 40% will go to the viewer for viewing the advert.

  • 50% will be divided into 40% Community Line & 60% Uni-level team of the viewer

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