Tron Blockchain

TRON blockchain is a decentralized digital platform with its own token standard TRC20 and TRONIX or TRX as its native coin, to create ripples in the already dominating media industry by their own giants.

The primary motive is to host a platform for cost-effective content sharing with more than 50 million live accounts as of August 2021.

So many times, the network infrastructure of TRON is compared and contrasted with ETHEREUM such as DAPPs feasibility, Smart Contracts, and Token Functionality but in the long run users will see TRONIX and Ethereum as rivals in the cryptocurrency market.

Technicality related to the TRON holds a very competitive standard as the blockchain has:

High Throughput with thousands more transactions per second than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

High Scalability to deploy your DAPPs in a variety of ways.

High Availability with sorted network infrastructure.

0 Transaction fee possibility by STAKING TRX.

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