Terms of Service

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect until the completion of the products & services.

1. Acquiring a Membership.

Members shall acquire T.T.T. on the available exchange or wallet and transfer the T.T.T to the designated wallet address provided by the S.U.N. API as provided by the Vendor to get access to the products and services of TRON THUNDER. The cryptocurrency shall be chosen by the Vendor at its sole discretion, and as of August 2021 it is TRX (TRON) from October 2022 it changed to T.T.T. and may be changed in the future if agreed by the committee. The vendor is not in the exchange or wallet business nor in the business of providing financial guidance or advice in any way, nor is the Vendor in the business of providing specific training or support regarding specific exchanges or wallets the Members may use to acquire their cryptocurrency in their country. We do request that for your safety & convenience to only use TRONLINK Pro as it is 100% compatible with coins and tokens on the TRC20 Blockchain.

2. Members products & services.

  • The vendor shall make available the education and instructional content for Members to understand and execute operations as required to accomplish the Member's aims from the membership.

  • The vendor shall issue a receipt based on the membership acquired by Members. The receipt shall be sent to the Member’s email address of record upon joining as a member.

  • The vendor shall provide access to the current and future products and services that are currently in development to members which will include but is not limited to Tech Education, Cryptocurrency Airdrops & Listings, NFT Metaverse Games, Advertising, and membership rewards & sustainable development projects.

3. Limits of Membership.

Members understand that the T.T.T. exchanged for access to the membership is the exclusive property of the Vendor, and the Members is only entitled to the membership and has no further entitlement to the original T.T.T. and the Vendor has the right to distribute the T.T.T. to the community as they desire.

The Members understand that payment for S.U.N. lifetime membership is a payment for membership to get access to products and services developed by S.U.N. & is not an Investment.

The Members understand that payment for S.U.N. lifetime membership is 100% distributed to the community of S.U.N. & is non-refundable.

4. Vendor’s Best Efforts.

The Membership is on a best-effort basis and, like any project, there is a risk of loss of all funds and rewards. The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, can involve the risk of loss, and may not be suitable for all persons. Risks include but are not limited to market risks, system risks, cybersecurity, transaction processing risks, regulatory risks, trading risks, risks or mistakes made by yourself, business failure, and others. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change without notice. Past results are not indicative nor a guarantee of future performance. There is no recommendation by the Vendor to acquire any membership, product, or service. Members make their own decisions, based on Member's due diligence. The vendor recommends each Member seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional before deciding if the Members is unsure.

5. Eligibility.

By registering to become a members of S.U.N. Members represents and warrants that (i) as an individual, Members is at least 18 or is of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws; (ii) as an individual, or legal person or has strict permission from parents to participate if under 18or legal age in country, Members has full legal capacity and sufficient authorizations to enter into these Terms; (iii) Members takes responsibility and has determined that the acquisition of this membership is lawful in the country or territory in which the Member resides, and holds Vendor harmless for its decision to acquire this membership; (iv) Member has not been previously suspended or removed by Vendor for cause; (v) The Member’s use of Vendor’s products & services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to the Member; (vi)The Members warrants that they have not and will not accept fiat currency for the purpose of providing T.T.T. to someone else’s membership account; (vii) if at any time Vendor discovers that the Member is in violation of AML/CTF or other applicable laws, access to membership Rewards account may be restricted or blocked indefinitely or terminated, and the Members may be reported for both criminal and civil penalties.

6. Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements.

At the exclusive discretion of the Vendor, Members may be required to provide KYC information to the Vendor including but not limited to passport or national identity, photograph, date of birth, or other forms of identification. Members may also be required to provide information related to the source of the T.T.T used to acquire the membership. Members also understand that optional products & services may and often do include separate KYC information and additional details.

7. Recourse.

The acquisition of membership from the Vendor shall be with full acknowledgement that Vendor’s activities are on a best-efforts basis and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

8. Independent Member.

Each party is acting independently under this Agreement. There is no employer/employee relationship. The parties agree that this Agreement does not create a joint venture or a partnership between them.

9. Notice.

All Vendor notices or updates or requests of the terms of this Agreement, including any required revisions, and/or enforcement action will be given in writing and delivered to the Member electronically via the email address registered with Vendor or in the back office of the Vendor’s membership site, or both, at Vendor’s discretion. A general notice in the Vendor’s back office as provided to each member is considered a personal notice to the Members. All Member’s notices or requests or responses to the Vendor will be given in writing in English and delivered to Vendor at notice@smartunitednetwork.com

10. Time is of the Essence.

No extension or variation of this Agreement will operate as a waiver of this provision. Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

11. Non-Refundable.

Members understand that once cryptocurrency has been sent to the wallet provided by the S.U.N. API to join as a member, no refund is possible. Membership Rewards will be earned per this Agreement. Deposit of T.T.T. to Vendor’s wallet address provided by Vendor is an acknowledgement of the nonreversible nature of that exchange and cannot be reversed.

12. Integration.

This Agreement contains the entire Agreement and understanding by and between the Members and the Vendor and no representations, warranties, promises, agreements, or understandings, written or oral, not herein contained shall be of any force or effect.

13. Choice of Law.

This Agreement and the performance under this Agreement and all suits and special proceedings under this Agreement shall be held, construed, and governed in accordance with the laws of South Africa.

14. Assignability and Severability.

The vendor may revise its corporate structure from time to time, and at its sole and exclusive discretion assign the performance and fulfilment of some or all of the products & services under this Agreement to another company under the Smart United Network Ecosystem Group, whether education, rewards, or otherwise.

If Members are unhappy with such changes, Members may simply cease doing any re-contributions in S.U.N. that will cease to be a member following the receipt of its last membership reward under this Agreement.

The provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed severable, and the invalidity or unenforceability of any one or more of the provisions hereof shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions hereof.

15. Sustainability & Fairness of The S.U.N. community & Community Rewards Plan

Any member that has abandoned (not accessed) their S.U.N. membership account or ceases to do any re-contribution is qualified to make a withdrawal of the stipulated amount of T.T.T. or more for 30 days will activate an automatic withdrawal of rewards available to the registered TRC20 wallet and do an auto re-contribution.

Any member that ceases to do any re-contribution in S.U.N. for 60 days understands that the Rewards of the account will be distributed into the community of S.U.N. every 60 days from the day of membership initiation.

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