T.T.T. Token

  • Our TRX Blockchain TRC20 Token called the THUNDER TREND TOKEN or T.T.T. is the payment method to access all the products and services of S.U.N. Without the support of members of S.U.N. we would not be able to provide the products and services that are currently being developed.

  • T.T.T. is a TRC20 Utility token that will be used to perform transactions related to any field on the platform while giving holders an opportunity to build a passive source of income from the staking, farming, and yielding features.

  • Our plan is to list the T.T.T. token across several of the exchanges compatible with the TRON Blockchain including the S.U.N. THUNDER DEX and will be given exclusive transactional rights regarding the futuristic implementation of all the products and services of S.U.N.

  • T.T.T. as a utility token is developed around a revenue model which follows a certain paradigm other than common passive income generation ideas such as Staking, Farming, etc.

Currently, there are 6 Product Categories being developed by S.U.N. that will be using T.T.T. as a payment method.

Community Membership

Technical Education

Crypto Trading

Metaverse NFT Gaming

Business Advertising

Sustainable Development

These 6 product categories and services will be using the T.T.T. Token as the payment method to access and interact with their products and services

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