The S.U.N. Metaverse

S.U.N. is currently in the process of starting the conception of developing its own unique Metaverse.


The metaverse in our opinion or at least what S.U.N. envisions for it to be is a safe virtual world where members will eventually be able to interact virtually with every product that is developed by the S.U.N. Ecosystem.

Members in the S.U.N. Ecosystem will be able to convert the T.T.T. tokens to various product Points to interact with the future products of the Metaverse.

This can be seen as a gold mine for the T.T.T. hodlers as expanding the S.U.N. Ecosystem into the metaverse will theoretically drastically catapult the T.T.T. Token value.

These products and services will include the Lightning Academy, NFT Games, Ad-World, and maybe even the THUNDER DEX & THUNDER TREND itself where the entire community will be able to interact with each other, make new friends, have new experiences and create new realities.

If you cannot conceive what this world will be like, then do yourself a favour and watch the first 3:20sec of the movie Ready Player One to get a glimpse of the reality that the Metaverse can become.

Developing the S.U.N. Metaverse will take time and is the long-term goal for the S.U.N. Ecosystem. 

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