Green Development Goals

Once 20% of the locked T.T.T. tokens has been released ( By October 2023 ) there will be enough liquidity available to start the preparation of developing the first Sustainable Village.

With the funds that the future products and services generate, S.U.N. plans to provide sustainable development villages worldwide.

These villages will fall under the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Report of 2021.

14 SDGs is provided by the UN for every Country worldwide to follow.

We have chosen 10 for our Sustainability Development Goals

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health & Well-being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Clean Water & Sanitation

Affordable & Clean Energy

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

After the development of these villages are completed, they will generate the following services automatically:

Sustainable Life Changing Income - by selling products & services created in the Sustainable villages, for example, the green crypto mining packages, fresh organic produce & membership of S.U.N.

Quality Education - Physical Lightning Academy in the villages for members that do not have access to resources. To use our facilities & do the courses available in the online Lightning Academy.

Healthy Nutritious Food - that will be organic and free of harmful pesticides.

Clean Drinking Water - PH 10 quality water that makes the body resilient to diseases and viruses.

Safe Renewable Energy - solar flowers that move with the sun to get maximum electricity and be completely off the grid.

Effective Recycling - creating products from recycled plastic for example building bricks.

Safe working Environment - where you will not be harassed for race or gender differences.

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