T.T.T. Wallet

S.U.N. will be developing the THUNDER Wallet by 2024. The THUNDER Wallet will be a TRC20 Compatible wallet. We also will be looking into making it Multi Chain Compatible & it will become the main wallet used for T.T.T. in the future.

The THUNDER Wallet will be a custodial wallet which means all of your digital assets will be under the constant security of the wallet and no one else has access to your funds, as well as several other intriguing features that will fascinate you. The THUNDER wallet will be a digital storage for storing, managing, and transacting Thunder Trend Tokens and Tron blockchain coins. The following are a few of the features:

Simple yet intriguing UI

The THUNDER Wallet will have the simplest most interactive user interface with the amount of Thunder Trend Tokens you possess and the value on the dashboard. Users do not have to fiddle around to look for their digital assets. THUNDER Wallet will allow you to transact and receive them in a safe & secure manner.


The T.T.T. wallet will allow you to hold any amount of T.T.T. and TRC20 standards tokens. Thunder Trend wallet will never impose a limit to which users can store their number of tokens in the wallet.

Transaction Fees

Just like any normal TRC20-based token, all users will require TRX to pay for T.T.T. transactions.

Your own wallet address

Users will convert their wallet address information into a QR code. Therefore, the security and integrity of the wallet information cannot be compromised or misinterpreted in any way.

Smooth Transactional Flow

Transactions will be as user-friendly as possible as the user will only be required to fill in the wallet address and the set amount they wish to transfer.

Transaction history

Users will be presented with their transaction history at the click of a button under the transactions tab.

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